Saturday 1st October - The Edgar Kail Trophy

v Dulwich Hamlet at Recreation Park, Alloa

3-3 (2-1)

Willie Fernie, Danny McFarlane, Ally McNaught (Allan MacKenzie), Calum Colquhoun (Tam Moon), Stuart Waugh (Iain Campbell), Ally Dick (Ryan McCue), Andy Dick (Christopher Havlon), Gav McDonald (Arthur McCue), Paul Joyce (c) (Martin Kelly), David Blair (John Drennan) and Adam Walker (Alan Raeburn)

Our good friends from Dulwich Hamlet made the journey to Scotland to celebrate our 25th season and we decided to try something different so booked Recreation Park, Alloa for a game prior to Queen's playing East Stirling at Ochilview.

For the first time there was a trophy up for grabs and it was named The Edgar Kail Trophy in honour of the only player, so far, who has played for both Queen’s Park and Dulwich Hamlet, doing so in the 1930’s.

The weekend started on the Friday night with a darts challenge in The Vale Bar and Dulwich were triumphant in a fine display against an overrated home side who flattered to deceive.

Mind you the away team had much more experience with Phil The Taff and Hutty leading the way with victories over youngsters Mister C and Gary Neville.

On Saturday a bus was booked and the Dulwich squad enjoyed a warm up in The Horseshoe before heading off in the pouring rain to Alloa.

It was dry at Recreation Park and both teams got changed in the dressing rooms which the tea lady kindly opened for us.

As we had a squad of twenty it was decided to put the youngsters on first and leave the veterans, and others, on the bench.

Fernie started in goals in place of Safehands who fancied a shot outfield; the defence had a very youthful look about it with Danny and Gary at full backs and CC and Stu in the middle; Ally D and Adam were wide in midfield with the heavyweights, Andy D and Young Gav, in the middle; up front were Paul and LHD.

Referee Marr tooted his whistle for the 70 minute game and we proceeded to camp in the Dulwich half for the first ten or so minutes.

At the other end Fernie was also camp in our goals !

The pressure eventually told and Paul opened the scoring when he turned a cross past Matt in the Dulwich goals.

More pressure and Adam made it two as the Dulwich defence, including Davie Robb from Ormond Saints, caved in again.

As a second half formation was being created on the sidelines Dulwich snatched a goal back when a through ball found Ian Gannon and he shot past Fernie to make it 2-1 at half time.

At the interval we made nine subs with only Fernie and Danny staying on, the latter moving into a forward role.

In a moment of madness the three at the back system came back into play and Mister C, Tam and Wee Al were the lucky ones to go there; Tubsy, Ryan, Arthur and debutant Christopher were in a strong midfield; and up front we had Danny, Safehands and The Crosshill Goal Machine who’s last appearance on the Alloa pitch in 1987 saw him immortalised in song ("Who Put The Ball In The Hearts B Net ?").

With our mixture of schoolboys and old duds, it was a line up that would strike fear into any veteran ladies team but we were playing Dulwich Hamlet and they seemed to get confidence from it.

Luckily the deal was that every five minutes a sub would be made with Danny coming off and then his replacement getting subbed etc, so at least there was a glimmer of hope.

Naturally the team took it’s time to settle and we lost an equaliser when Ian Gannon was allowed to run through unchallenged and he shot past Fernie. To be fair he was about fifteen yards offside but these things happen.

Our changes were starting to happen and Mister C sneaked off as well due to the defence being under pressure.

Stu had come on, but for Dulwich as Hutty had decided to bore everybody on the sidelines but, with Mister C off, he had met his match.

The boy Gannon was proving a handful up front and, after the defence (or really CG Machine who, despite playing centre forward, was back “helping” out) failed to clear and Ian curled a shot into the top corner for his hat trick.

Time was running out and the subs were coming and going like nobodies business but then a tactical masterstroke saw LHD replace Safehands who nobody noticed had come on at half time.

A cross into the area saw LHD get his head to the ball and it flew into the net for the equaliser.

A couple of late corners from Dulwich caused a scare but at the final whistle the teams had drawn three all, a fair result.

Ian Gannon said his goodbyes straight after the game as he’d only come up to play and then had to shoot back to London. Dedication of the highest order.

Full marks to all the Dulwich side for their efforts and they dug in well and fully deserved the draw. Particular mention to a couple of the “elderly” players in their team, Phil the Taff and Mick, who lasted the whole game and gave their all.

 Alloa kindly kept their pie shop open for us after the game and we stocked up before heading onto the bus for Larbert.

Despite having Ricky Little sent off Queen’s cruised to a 3-1 victory over Shire with Gardner Speirs playing a three at the back formation to good effect (see it can be done !).

A few after match drinks in the Warriors pub then back to Glasgow to the Victoria Bar.

All manner of presentations took place in the pub with first the Edgar Kail Trophy being given to our Arthur and Dulwich’s Shaun as joint winners.

It was decided that we would hold onto the trophy and it will be played for whenever we meet, be it elevens or Sixes.

Dulwich’s top man Mishi then presented Mister C with a memento to commemorate our 25th season.

Finally, Mishi presented Dulwich’s top retiring managers, Mick and Hutty, with some souvenirs to thank them for all their efforts over the last few years whilst running the team.

The formalities over, it was time to get down to business and Dulwich kindly bought us all a drink as thanks for a great day.

The Trophy duly got filled with lovely flowing lager and, with a live band playing, it was a superb night between friends.

Thanks to all the Dulwich guys for making the effort to come up for the game, and to the various people from Perth for helping them out at Alloa. We look forward to meeting up again soon, hopefully in London.


The following was written by Mishi on the Dulwich Hamlet Messageboard.

“It was a brilliant weekend, we drew 3-3, Ian Gannon got a hat-trick. We were 'under the cosh' early on; but Queen's sportingly brought on some of their older squad members in the second half, to help 'even things up'.

The match was played at the Scottish League stadium of Alloa Athletic, which was an amazing experience.

We took up a party of nine players, & everyone gave their all, it would be unfair to name a 'man of the match' as every single man in Pink 'n' Blue gave their all. We had a 'guest' from Hibernian, a friend of Gannon; & two from St. Johnstone, who we played on our mid-season tour last season.

We also had Stuart, from Queen's Park swap sides in the second half, as we 'signed' him the night before at the social in The Vale Bar, by Queen Street station! And we beat them in the darts challenge on Friday too, so we got a victory!

After our game we went on to Stenhousemuir to see the 'big boys' beat East Stirlingshire three one.

Then back to Glasgow for a long night in the Victoria Bar, the boozer that sponsors the Queen's supporters side.

It's no exageration to say there really is a special relationship between us & Queen's supporters', built up over the last couple of years, and we are really looking forward to playing them in London next year, later this season.”














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