Match Previews 2017/18

IFA League

Saturday 2nd September 2017 v Dunfermline Athletic

Loch Leven Community Campus, Kinross, kick off 10am

Last season’s result v Dunfermline

League away 1-2 N.Waugh

On Saturday we have an away game in the Kingdom of Fife against Dunfermline. This is only our second meeting with the Pars after a 2-1 defeat on April Fools day earlier this year.

For this week’s Preview we find out all about one of the new boys Stephen Stockman who has slotted into the back four this season.

How are you enjoying your start to your QPSFC career?

“It's been a great start! The whole team are really tight knit and I like that. There’s a lot of support for each other on and off the park and I've been made to feel really welcome. The transition has been a good one, that's down to the gaffer and the guys.”

You used to play for Troon, how did you come to sign for Queen's, a clandestine meeting with the Gaffer in Fenwick?

“Ha ha that's not too far from the truth tbh! I'd played against Queens a few times with Troon and they were always one of the teams who'd give you a right good test, you could see they had a good team spirit about them. They both got to last year’s IFA Scottish Cup Final and, after moving to Glasgow at the beginning of March, I thought it would be good to go watch the Final which was a cracker of a match. I'd mentioned to Andy McNaught that I'd moved up the road and if it was okay to come along to training to keep myself ticking over, we just took it from there!”

I take it you were delighted when one of the many Ross's in the team scored a late free kick winner against Troon the other week?

“Absolutely! When I play, I always want to win no matter who we play. I wasn't too sure before the match how I'd react if we scored to be honest. I've a lot of respect for Stuart and the work he puts in at Troon, plus my old team mates, however, as you can hear on the video of the goal, I'm probably the loudest when it goes in! It was a cracking goal so near the end of the match and it meant a lot. I genuinely thanked the guys one by one in the changing room afterwards and we all enjoyed a few beers back in the club house.”

How's your partnership in central defence going with Big Drew our current Player of the Year?

“It's been great for me, not so great for the big man! Seriously though, the big fella is fantastic and we've hit it off right away. It's easy to see how he won the POTY! Constant communication, the odd "wtf was that?" but yeah, it's been really good.”

You sometimes have a casual style at the back, particularly when the game is close and we're under pressure, do you realise the stress you give your team mates, and all those on the sidelines, when you decide to try and beat an opponent when you're the last man?

“Ha ha it's something I'm working on. I don't tend to panic too much. I'm quite a confident guy although I know I should just put the laces through the ball from time to time, that's usually where Drew's "Stevie, wtf was that?" comes into play though!

What's it like coming into a team and being the oldest, apart from Wee Al?

“I enjoy it and hopefully being able to pass on some experience to some of the younger guys is a good thing. It's important to communicate throughout the match and I enjoy seeing the younger guys going out and enjoying their game, I try to help with advice throughout the game although I don't recommend anyone else running out from the back with the ball in the dying minutes!”

Finally, you copped out of the team bus at Alloa so we never got to find out what your "on the way home song" was going to be. To keep our millions of readers happy, what was your song of choice?

“I'd planned on a duet of Summer Loving from Grease with big Andy Waugh, we'll get it sorted soon enough although I'm not too sure if Olivia Newton John's leather trousers will look as good on me as they did on her!”