Match Previews 2017/18

IFA Challenge Cup
Saturday 2nd December 2017 v West Ham Fans FC
Toryglen Regional Football Centre at 12pm

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QPSFC veteran Allan Mackenzie sits down with us ahead of our bow in this season's British Cup:

You’ve made a, perhaps unexpected, playing comeback this season following ‘limited’ game time last season when you were Assistant Manager. How you enjoying things under the new Gaffer as you approach your 300th game in a QP jersey?

“I’m loving things under the new Gaffer. He has freshened things up with his training sessions. He also recognises a good player as you can see by me getting more games this year. He has built on the foundations Andy Boy laid and it’s good that the drinking culture we introduced in previous seasons [it started 30 years ago!] is still going strong.”

You are now third in the All Time Appearance list, did you ever imagine that would happen when you came into the team as a left back, and only a left back, who couldn’t understand the offside rule?

“At the current rate I’ll probably make 300 games by the time I’m seventy. What’s an offside? Is that no ice hockey? I never considered I’d be in the top 10 All Time Appearances and to be up there with some club legends (and Foxy) is something I’m really proud off.”

Our current left back Ross Pollock has had a great campaign, netting 5 times before Christmas. Can you explain how you only scored 4 goals in over 200 appearances in said position?

“When you count my own goals RP has a long way to go. I’m sure if I took corners as badly as him I’d have scored an awful lot more. Plus, has Ross ever won Goal of the Season?”

Some have attributed your longevity to your personal fitness regime, some to one glass of Red Wine before each game, and others to the 150 Camel cigarettes you smoke on the substitute’s bench. What is the most important to you and why are you still playing at 60 years old?

“No contest you need at least 10 snouts per a glass of wine so it is a combination of those two and being sent to collect the ball after one of Nealey’s shots.”

In 2016 you made a long awaited return to Chaos Cup duty and you returned again last year. What is it about the London experience that makes it the ‘second finest annual footballing experience in Western Europe’? Is it the kebabs?

“In London the Kebabs are a must but the real reason for a return was the parties in room 210 and a chance to slag one of our hosts, big Sean, when his missus calls him Sugar Tits.”