Match Previews 2017/18

IFA League
Saturday 4th November 2017 v Troon Academicals
Hosiery Park at 10.30am

Previous results v Troon
12/08/17 League home 1-0 (Dunbar)
20/05/17 Scottish Cup neutral 0-2
04/02/17 League home 2-1 (Macrae, Omand)
05/11/16 League away 1-3 (Anderson)

Crucial league match for Queen's down in Troon on Saturday and to preview it, we caught up with midfield maestro Ross Dunbar.

You’ve had a busy career so far at the Club, what was it like being the youngest Club Captain since Stephen Fox back in the 1990’s ?

“That’s actually the first time I've heard that. Was a privilege to be named captain for the two years. Wasn't expecting it but always nice when it's voted from your teammates! Just a shame the second year fell on the time we joined the IFA league and moved to mostly Saturdays which meant I missed a lot of the games. Ally done a top job of stepping in as vice-captain though.”

Last season you were in goals in the Scottish Cup Final, how did that come about ?

“It was a strange one because I wasn't expecting to be involved as I missed a lot of the games last year. Then an injury crisis hit and I was called in to play between the sticks. It’s a position I've played many times (once this year, kept a clean sheet which involved holding the post up for 90 minutes) so was more than happy to step in! The few weeks leading up to the game the current gaffer gave me the hardest 3/4 training sessions I think I've ever done. Thanks for that Andy Dick! Pity we couldn't get the job done on the day but the aim is to go one better this year and lift the trophy. “

You scored the winner from a free kick against Troon in August in our last meeting, did you enjoy that ?

“It was a tough game on quite possibly the smallest pitch in Glasgow. The game came when I was wearing the famous number 9 top however that didn't last very long before I was shipped back to centre midfield after a few games. Scoring the free kick was a huge relief as I missed a few chances and a sitter (was my left peg so can't be too harsh on me) ! Not my best free kick and people say was straight down the middle but a goals a goal and got us the 3 points. Nice to get the win for Stockers against his old club but I’m sure I'm still waiting for a pint for that goal though ! This was also the game my Werther's Originals pre match superstition started.”

Oban is a place you love playing in and you scored the opening goal in the last three games up there. Was scoring better than the bus journey home ?

“Well, I do have a pretty impressive record in Oban if I say so myself. Not sure what it is about going up there but somehow managed to find the net on most occasions. Just a pity I can't bank on those goals anymore. Is scoring better than the bus journey home ? Of course not, away days are all about the sesh, banter with the boys and initiation songs. Hopefully get a few new singers on Saturday so we don't have to listen to Andyboy singing 'Gold'. Although we'll probably still get a version of it.”

One of our best away performance, apart from Oban, in recent years was your ‘Birthday Day Out’ in Edinburgh as we somehow beat Hearts 4-1, did you enjoy that ?

“100 percent! Was definitely one of my favourite games I've played for Queens. Game had a bit everything and if I remember correctly I also think I took a leaf out Lenny's book and had a horrendous dive that day! Scored one of my favourite goals to date as well. Sure a few of the Hearts players are still on the end of my fishing rod from that day.”

Finally, how annoying was it that Graeme McQuarrie didn’t have you down as the “biggest moaner on the park” ?

“Very, very annoying! Actually couldn't believe it if I'm honest (I’m still talking about how annoyed I was and not that Graeme turned up to football on Saturday without his running shorts but instead, since it's winter, he’s moved on to a pair of normal length shorts). However I'll take it. I don't moan that much do I ? Trying to tone it down this year ha ha!”