Friday 11th November - Friendly

v Spicy Peppers FC at Holyrood Sports Centre

0-5 (0-3)

Martin Kelly, Arthur McCue, Allan MacKenzie, Stuart Waugh, Jack Waugh, Ally McNaught (Ryan McCue), Andy Dick, Craig McKenna, Paul Joyce (c), Ally Dick (John Crosbie) and Stephen Fox

Our previous game had been our first in East Kilbride; we’d had another first with a home game in Alloa and now, our biggest honour, a first game against the internationally renowned Spicy Peppers FC.

It was a huge challenge and we had put in extra training sessions before the “big one”.

But, who are the Spicy Peppers FC ?

Well, as everybody knows, they are a team of outstanding footballers who tour the globe showing off their silky skills, and sometimes our own LHD and P.Danny go along as well.

They are managed by Mister Andy Boy who some see as heir apparent to Mister C when he finally retires or gets told not to come back. Can’t be long until his dream, or nightmare, comes true surely ?

Anyway, we had our usual cast of thousands in the week leading up to the game but gradually they were whittled down to a mere thirteen.

Showing the strength of depth among the squad (!), we had six changes from the EK game as Jack, Craig, Crossers, Ryan and The Dick Brothers all came into the squad.

Out were Sean, Tall Calum and Adam whilst Gee, LHD and P.Danny were in the opposition.

We had a strong squad on paper (but the game’s not played on paper blah, blah, blah) but it was the Spicy’s who settled first and passed the ball about at a fair pace.

As ever we took our time to get into the game and Wee Al took even longer as he basked in the glory of finding out that this was his 150th appearance in an illustrious career that started way back in 1994 (probably when most of the opposition were still in nappies).

Unfortunately the Peppers had done their homework (just before the game) and, when they were awarded a free kick outside the area, Wee Galindo curled a high shot into the top corner for the opening goal.

To be fair to Safehands, the lights at Fortress Holyrood aren't that good, the ball looked like it was going over, his hair was in his eyes etc, etc, etc.........

To celebrate the goal the whole of the Peppers team ran to the touchline to embrace their manager. I can't remember that ever happening with our team, and hopefully never will.

It was a setback but we started to get a grip of the game, and a grip of the sand on the pitch, and manged to get the bulk of the possession.

Unfortunately nothing much came from us having the ball and the Spicy's survived our pressure and made it 2-0 with a goal which will never be forgotten.

A third followed just before half time which meant we’d have to play out of our skins to get back into the game in the second half.

Crossers and Ryan (53 and 15 respectively) came off the bench with the auld yin going up front, and tracking back of course, as we played our jokers.

Sadly the second half resembled the first as we enjoyed a fair bit of possession but the Spicy’s were always the better side and looked more dangerous.

Two goals followed for the Peppers and who should score them but LHD and P.Danny with Muirend’s finest rapper celebrating in spectacular style by sliding on his knees at the corner flag of Fortress Holyrood. Naturally an ambulance was called as P.Danny’s knees exploded and hopefully his forthcoming transplant goes well.

A poor performance by us and the opposition could be heard in their dressing room singing “One Mister Andy Boy, There’s Only One Mister Andy Boy” which rubbed salt into the wounds.

Onwards and upwards and thankfully it’s only the mighty Coasters next…………






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