Match Previews 2017/18

IFA League
Saturday 14th October 2017 v Real Maroon
Toryglen Regional Football Centre at 10am

Last season's results v Real Maroon
League home 1-3 (Galindo)
League home 2-2 (A. Waugh, Lennox)

On Saturday all being well David “The Bear” Blair will become only the 13th player to reach the milestone of 200 appearances for the Club. As we approach this huge event we ask The Bear some questions that help us understand the man and the player better.

You are only the second player since the "Class of 2009" to reach 200 appearances, what do you account for your longevity ?

“Ryan Giggs once said the key to prolonging his career was yoga, and I believe that the key to my longevity has also been due to frequent spiritual sessions. And for me, that spirit has been vodka. It has been a major part of my life since I was fift.... eighteen, and it has helped shape me into the man I am today. Literally shape me into it.”

Having played under three Managers which one was the best and most influential?

“I have to sit on the fence and give a special mention to all three managers here. Mr C gave me my debut (in centre mid, and I believe I have never played there since!) and introduced me to a great group of guys who played for the sake of playing and I've always tried to play with that same mentality since. When Andyboy decided to stop being my strike partner and became the gaffer, he kick-started the team into rejoining a league set up and turned us into a competitive outfit in the IFA, recruiting some top class players along the way, culminating in that Scottish Cup final appearance at Airdrie which despite the result was an unforgettable occasion. And under Andy Dick this year, we have made an excellent start in the League thanks in part to regular well-drilled training sessions. All the managers have played their part in getting the team to where we are today, and although I haven't been as effective in recent years as I would have liked, it's a great team to be a part of and I'll be sticking around for a lot longer than they would like.”

You have scored 49 goals so far in your career, any stand outs?

“I've scored a few good goals but it's hard to pick out any favourites. In my glory years in 2012/13 & 13/14 I scored a lot of 1-on-1's which was always satisfying. I've scored a couple in Germany against our good friends in Wattenscheid, and I'll still claim I am our leading goalscorer in European competition until we go back. And legend has it that my goal in the 9-3 game vs Olympique Lion last year was a club-killing goal...”

As an internationalist in Belgium, and Germany, what are your experiences of touring with Arthur McCue?

“Arthur in Belgium was legendary (as was David McLean’s performance in Le Piano Bar...), but he's not alone in that category. Whitby, Tain, Oban multiple times, staying in Heaven until 2 hours before the Wattenscheid games to name but a few. We've had some great games in my time, but we've had some even better drunken riots.”

On your 100th appearance you scored twice but Adam Walker scored 8 (EIGHT), do you think he took it too far?

“He most certainly did, however I am partly to blame in setting him up for a few of them. He still brings it up on occasion, which is nice of him to do so.”

In the start of your career you were an overweight, ten minute impact forward with crazy hair, how have things changed over the years ?

I remember fondly of the days I could run for 10 minutes a game, those were the good old days. One serious ankle injury and two dodgy knees later, I'm still as instantly recognisable as I was that cold October afternoon nearly 8 years ago. And long may it continue.