Match Previews 2017/18

IFA League
Saturday 18th November 2017 v Dunfermline Athletic SFC
Toryglen at 10am

Previous results v Dunfermline
02/09/17 League away 2-1 (Anderson, og)
01/04/17 League away 1-2 (N. Waugh)

Centre-back destroyer Drew Omand previews this weekends IFA League clash with Dunfermline Athletic SFC.

You come from a great QPFC background with Junior Omand, a Hampden Legend, being your Uncle and your Dad being a supporter, was wearing the Hoops (and Stripes!) a dream come true?

“100%! Having the opportunity to put on a Queen's top is always special. I have been going to games since I was young and my dad was a major influence in that. My family have always been involved with Queen's Park since Junior played and I aim to continue that tradition as much as I can. My standard of football may not live up to Junior's but you can't blame a guy for trying!”

And your first season couldn’t have gone better when you were Player of the Year, what was the highlight of last season for you?

“Winning Player of the Year was a great achievement for me personally as I thought the season couldn't have went much better for me (apart from two own goals..). Scoring twice into the opponent's net in one game was unreal but doing it away to KaisAyr was a personal highlight for me as it helped kick start an unbeaten run for the team. However, my favourite moment of last season was Davie Bear getting compared to a black bin bag by one of the Troon players as he lay injured at the side of the pitch! Unbelievable!”

There are some good nicknames in the team, but Scooby Drew might be the best. How did it come about?

“Yes, apart from the usual curse words some of the boys call me, Scooby Drew seems to have been adopted by all at the Club. At one of the games last season I went up for a header and shouted, “it could be Drew's”. However, Andy McNaught and Fraser Anderson thought they heard “Scooby Drew's!”. Totally understandable and now Andy hasn't called me Drew since. I like shouting nonsense on the pitch but that was something else even for me!!”

Is it true despite being 6 foot nonsense, you have never scored a header for the team? How is this the case?

“Scoring with my head is unheard of and probably will continue unless it's going in past Galindo! My record for Queen's is a total of four goals. Two with my left and two with my right. I'm proud of that but it is an issue when I'm the biggest player at the club and can't get a header into the goal. To be honest, I've used a few excuses like Sebo was in the way or RP not being able to hit a barn door from his corners. But really I just seem to have more luck with my feet so I'll take what I can get!!”

You have become known for your elaborate goal celebrations. Can you explain them?

“For me, scoring is very seldom so when I do, I have to enjoy it. I honestly can't remember what I do half the time but I know I've got a big grin on my face. I ran to the gaffer last season after every goal and nearly clotheslined him a couple of times which I'm sure at the time took him by surprise. This season, I have only scored in a friendly so I need to pull my finger out and contribute. Plus, Lenny is showing me up and I can't be having that!”

You recently gave a controversial interview for the club Snapchat account on the way home from Stranraer. Anything you would like to take back?

“What a day! Despite the result I believe it was one of the best away days I've had. My interview was after quite a few Shandy's so therefore I can only remember certain aspects of it. Personally, I think I was slating myself more than the boys but they all know it's just a bit of banter. But next time I get interviewed on the club Snapchat I'll be sure to be sober!! My question is who let Allan Lennox have control over the Snapchat account!?!? Disaster waiting to happen!”