Match Previews 2017/18

IFA Scottish Cup First Round

Saturday 19th August 2017 v Alloa Athletic

West End Park, Alloa, kick off 10am

Last season’s results v Alloa

League home 1-3 Dunsmore

League away 4-2 Macrae 3, Galindo

On Saturday we start our Scottish Cup campaign at Alloa. Last season we swept all before us on the way to the Final where we came up second best to Troon at Airdrie.

Another successful cup run is expected and the Treasurer has already budgeted for the huge prize money on offer for winning each round. So the pressure is on but what does the multi award winning and new Club Captain Alan Galindo think about Saturday’s game and everything else we could think of to ask him?

How do you feel about being Club Captain this season?

“It's a cliche but of course I am honoured to be installed as captain. I'm one of the veterans of the team now as I kick off my seventh full season and there have been some great players and good guys who have worn the armband so hopefully I can join that list in some capacity.”

You were Top Scorer last season and you've decided to play in goals this season, what's the thinking behind that?

“Yeah an outsider may think it's a crazy move but having my goalkeeping background and, with Andy D taking up the role as Gaffer and DS heading State side for a hipster lifestyle, I thought it was the right time to dust the gloves down. And as crazy as it sounds I'd imagine the lads trust me more in the nets than outfield.”

How many goals do you think you would score now we have an attacking Manager rather than the defensive one before?

“I have no idea where Andy D would place me on the park but 17 from defence/midfield was a total even I couldn't have imagined so I'd have to go with my normal start of season target and say 10. I'm one goal away from 50 so hopefully he gives me a penalty or something this season!”

Are you enjoying the early stages of the season?

“Yeah we've had an excellent start. Pre-season went very well and obviously kicked off the league with a win over Troon. A couple of clean sheets under my belt nice and early is always a bonus.”

Cup Fever is in the air as we head to Alloa on Saturday, on a scale of one to ten how much are you buzzing?

“Bus trips are what it is all about and coming so early on in the season combined with last week’s win over Troon sets it up beautifully. It's 100% a 10. The newbies don't know what they've let themselves in for. Our social side of the game is just as important as being on the pitch playing and these trips help with that. I just hope the dentist chair is available for hire.”

As skipper have you picked the songs for the newbies to sing on the bus home?

“We had this discussion last week and Stockers assures us all he can belt out a tune. The lads will get there choice of song and James Williams will do two on his first bus trip as a punishment for not being at Alloa.”

How annoyed are you that you've not been given a title seeing you have won the Player of the Year three times and Sir Stevie of Condorrat only won it twice?

“Sir Stevie is an absolute legend to this team. By name and by trade. I am open to a nickname if you can think of any suitable.” [Ed: Marqués of Juan Pabalo?]

Finally, do you have a Trophy Cabinet or a Trophy Room?

“I don't have a trophy cabinet or trophy room. I do however have a shelf. Thankfully it's not been collecting dust and has a couple of trophies on it.”