Game 654  23/05/10  Friendly

v Registrars at Toryglen Sports Centre  4-3 (3-1)

Martin Kelly, Stuart Waugh (Arthur McCue), Calum Colquhoun (David McLean), Stephen Fox, Jack Waugh (Calum MacDonald), Ally McNaught (Fraser Marr), Andy Dick (John Crosbie), Craig McKenna (Robert Shimmons), Paul Joyce (c) (Danny McFarlane), David Blair (Ally Dick) and Sean Connolly (Adam Walker)

Scorers: Joyce 2, McNaught, OG

After our exploits in Perth it was back to sunny Toryglen for a game against Wee Al's work, The Registrars of Scotland, to give them their Sunday name.

Unfortunately we'd lost Jazza after Perth as he was completely exhausted after touring Cathcart in an open top bus all week to celebrate his 300th game for the Club. Plus he didn't have any sannies after throwing them, and all the contents of his kit bag, into the crowd (Colonel and Mrs Abernethy (retired)) who came out to cheer him through his old stomping ground.

As ever for home games we had a cast of thousands (or twenty) and this meant that a different team was picked for each half.

The starting eleven saw the return of Jaaack and Foxy and there was a surprise start for LHD up front. Why a surprise ? Well, have you seen him play ?

Uncle Crossers was surprisingly left on the bench which only fuelled speculation that he may well play for the opposition.

It was the hottest day of the season and there were sandbags put up at the side of the pitch to prevent any flood from the sweat of the fatties on the sidelines (SHD and Andy Boy (injured)).

The Registrars had thirteen in their squad and Mr MacKenzie's team looked a good outfit so we knew we'd be in for a hard game.

However, we got a grip on the game early on and looked the better side and it was no surprise when we took the lead.

Skipper Paul managed to find some space on the edge of the box and his shot found the corner of the net, with LHD dummying the ball to deceive the keeper.

Paul was in good from for a change, more football wise than attitude because you know what he's like, and what with the heat he was even more moany than usual, and he wasn't happy that he might get subbed at halt time, and it doesn't take much to start him off.........

But, I digress, we went two ahead when Paul latched onto a through ball from, eh, we'll say Andy D because it might have been him, and he stroked the ball into the top corner past the outrushing keeper.

Two ahead and we were looking good in the scorching heat.

There were chances at both ends with Safehands making a couple of good stops before Registrars pulled a goal back with a finish that really had to be seen to be believed.

With the clock ticking towards half time there was a worried look on everybody's face at the thought of the second half team trying to hold onto a one goal lead. I mean could we really win a game with the likes of Adam, Crossers and Ally D coming on at half time ?

Thankfully Ally Mac gave us a bit of breathing space in the final minute of the half when he smashed the ball home from the edge of the box to make it 3-1. You could almost say a signature Ally goal, but I wont.

Half time and it was break time for all bar Safehands and Foxy. Why them ? Why not ?

We had a quick change around which meant that Uncle Crossers was on for us before the opposition noticed. Registrars are now one of the few teams that the he hasn't played for, maybe next season.

The second half, which most people watched with trepidation, started okay and it looked like we could build on our lead.

Fraser was having a storming game on the right of midfield and showing the pace that we all know he has.

In one move he jinked his way past three defenders and his clever lob just missed the far post for what would undoubtedly have been the goal of the season.

Sorry, that's me back and a big thanks to Fraser for filling in, anything happen when I was away ?

As the heat rose so did the Registrars spirits and they scored two wonder goals to equalise. I would describe them but a mere mortal like myself could never do them justice.

Naturally as the game went on we picked up injuries and Uncle Crossers and Big Cal both came off, one a boost for Registars the other a boost for Queen's, after a collision left the mad one with a swollen eye and the bigger mad one with sore ribs.

Sean and Paul came on for them and I also seem to remember Craig came back on as well but we might have sneaked him on as a twelfth man.

No wait, Robert was on at half time so he more than likely came off injured. Mad Rab seems to have a touch of the Andy Boy's and he is chalking up the appearances but playing for only a few minutes at a time. At least he won't be old and tired like Jazza when he gets to 300.

With time running out both teams searched for the winner but it was our brave lads who got the all important goal to win the game.

Sean swung over an excellent corner which someone missed at the front post, we'll say Danny because he would likely have missed it, and the ball struck a defender and rocketed into the net to give us victory.

A few minutes later referee Fitzy's whistle blew for the final time and we'd won a hard game in difficult conditions.

Well played to all who donned the black and white and we celebrated in the Social Club with Barman Ross providing excellent customer service and witty repartee from behind the bar. So much more pleasant than the normal Sunday bar steward.

One more elevens game to go for the season and it's a crunch match against an England Select the day after the Ian Younger Sixes. See you there............





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