Match Previews 2017/18

IFA League
Saturday 23rd September 2017 v Kaisayr
Toryglen Regional Football Centre, kick off 10am

Last season's results v Kaisayr
League away 2-2 (Omand (2)
Scottish Cup home 3-1 (Dunsmore, Walker, Ford)
League home 2-0 (Macrae, Ford)

On Saturday we play host to KaisAyr who we first played in the British Cup back in 2006 and lost on penalties after a 0-0 draw.

In this week’s Preview we pick the brains of Allan “Lenny” Lennox our Vice Captain and tough tackling defender/midfielder.

You are one of the most experienced players in the team now and Vice-Captain, are you enjoying the responsibility?

“Without doubt I have enjoyed the responsibility, more so than I originally thought I would. I take great pride in teaching young Neale Waugh the ropes of being a committed footballer. I have also heard a few laughs in the changing room stating I have left my wild Friday nights behind me to set an example to the younger players in the squad but I can assure you I always get ready for a game with a number of pints the night before.”

With Gee being on holiday you were captain against Airdrie, do you think you should maybe have been strong enough to tell James that you were taking the penalty?

“Sometimes the decision as a captain is to make sure everyone gets the chance to show their abilities, this in mind I do not know what I was thinking letting James hit the penalty. To be fair James has impressed this season and he showed the confidence to grab the ball away from me but next penalty we get I will show him how it’s done.”

I've heard that you claim to have played a huge part to help previous Player of the Years win, do you think organising the votes this season will do the same for you?

“This is no myth, for the last five seasons I have played alongside the winner of Player of the Year. What I’m not sure is whether I am making them look good by constantly talking them through the game or them looking good due to the fact they are bailing me out every week. The latter I presume. This year I have enjoyed taking control of the votes as it gives you a good insight into the strong performer’s week in week out.”

There was a time when you were good for a goal but nothing this season despite sometimes playing in midfield, what's gone wrong?

“I remember the time when I was always good for a few goals but this season I haven’t even come close. At this stage it is not something I’m worried about especially with the team racking up a number of goals in the last few weeks. Sometimes it is just as good to sit back and watch Ross Pollock constantly score straight from corners.”

Any favourite goals you've scored ?

“Well my favourite goal has to be the first I scored for the team, an away day to Perth is always a great trip but to notch my first goal made it all the sweeter. I leaped like a salmon to head in a corner into the net, aided by being on the defenders shoulders. Also a special shout out to the referee that day for turning a blind eye at the cost of a pint.”

In the last couple of weeks you've gone back to eating meat again after being a vegetarian, are you trying to bulk up to look muscly like Neale and Stevie?

“As you know we at QPSFC we take our nutrition very serious, with this in mind I was told the best way to cure a hangover on a Saturday morning was a role and sausage hence my decision to eat meat again. As far as looking like Neale and Stevie I think I have a lot of work to do that won’t be possible this decade.”

Finally, what are you looking forward to for the rest of the season?

“Well firstly I would like to see us continue our good form for the rest of the season, not very often we start a season so well. Secondly got to look forward to the Fun Bus days with next one being on 4th November, I can assure you there will be some fireworks.”