Match Previews 2017/18

IFA League
Saturday 25th November 2017 v FC Livingston GS
Craigswood Xcite Sports Centre at 10am

Previous results v Livi
22/04/17 League away 0-3
04/03/17 League home 0-1
27/08/16 British Cup home 0-4
18/05/16 League home 2-9 (Muir, Dunsmore)
27/05/16 League away 0-5

This week, we caught up with speed demon Neale Waugh:

When you burst onto the scene back in 2015, you were a bustling centre forward (scoring on your debut at Hamilton). You were quickly moved to the back in the midst of an injury crisis however, and you’ve remained there ever since. What position do you prefer and why?

“Yeah playing centre forward, to playing behind the striker against Rochdale, (which nearly cost me my QPSFC career, thanks Andy!) and eventually centre back has been an interesting ride. I played left wing against Airdrie and really enjoyed it and performed well scoring one and creating two! I just want to play to be honest, but would love a crack at left wing again if am still needed! (Probably not)”

You played in last season’s Scottish Cup Final, was that a highlight?

“There were so many highlights to be honest, the experience of playing in a stadium and the whole day itself from getting suited and booted, the team meeting, on the team bus, to walking onto the pitch before warm up etc etc.... would love to get back there again this season to go one step further than last time.”

You are currently out injured again with one of your many ailments. What’s up with you this time?

“Strained hamstring, trying to make up from me and Drew’s miscommunication at the back, was my first game back after a 4 week layoff due to ankle injury, was a real kick in the baws for me. Hopefully I can get back fit soon and try and stay that way for while at least!”

Do you think your participation in the Busby Strongman Classic 2017 is affecting your fledgling football career?

“No no, not at all! I feel better for competing in such events as my football career has always been fledging as soon as I divulged myself into the social aspects of this alcohol abusive football team.”

Now that your wee brother is in the team, normally ahead of you, does it hurt to be the second best footballer in your family?

“I do not believe my brother starts ahead of me..... as we play different positions... I want the person that put this question forward to be reprimanded and pointed my way for an ear bashing!”

You recently caused a Social Media storm by describing yourself and Drew Omand, and I’m paraphrasing here, as the ‘best centre backs in the world’. Why do you hate Stockers so much? Is it because he took your place in the team or because of his pearly white teeth and muscular physique?

“I wasn’t aware of the uproar this has caused.... I am deeply hurt by the allegation that I hate Stockers, been a joy to play with when called to play alongside him at centre back. I don’t think he has taken my position, as I have played between left back, left wing and centre back so far this season and I haven’t really played centre back much. I’ll let the Gaffer decide if he has taken my position or not.”