Match Previews 2017/18

IFA League
Saturday 28th October 2017 v Alloa Athletic SFC
Lesser Hampden at 12.15pm

Previous results v Alloa
19/08/17 Scottish Cup away 1-2 (McQuarrie)
25/02/17 League away 4-2 (Macrae (3), Galindo)
17/09/16 League home 1-3 (Dunsmore)

The big game on Saturday is at Lesser Hampden against Alloa Athletic and answering the questions which everybody wants to know is Graeme “Goals” McQuarrie.

You’ve been missing from the squad recently, what’s been the problem?

“Spending too much time on the bench this year has resulted in me picking up a bit of pneumonia and a hospital stay. Luckily, attached to a drip my fitness was better than half the team anyway, so I'm back, fully recovered and ready to play.”

One of your most famous games was the Scottish Cup Semi last season against PSJ, what do you remember about that?

“I remember I wasn't supposed to be starting, but Sean Merrick was out the night before and missed the entire game. I'd managed to miss two open goals the previous weeks against pub teams and B sides, but I was just finding my range. The third goal right at the end was probably my best moment in a QP shirt.”

Last season you were Top Scorer, aside from the PSJ game any goals that stand out?

“A double at Clyde away, and a double at Troon at Ibrox were all decent goals. But my best goals from the team have been from 6 yards out.”

You’re nearing 100 appearances and 50 goals so it is annoying to be known as Craig's brother?

“I was trying to find out how many goals and appearances Craig had racked up on the website, but I ended up getting cramp scrolling down the spreadsheet. Hopefully, once I reach the two milestones, myself and Ray can make sure the family name is associated with football instead of accidents in Cardiff... “

It would be fair to say you enjoy a wee moan now and again, but which team mate is worse than you?

“This season I've tried to calm it down a wee bit and only direct my complaints to the referees - luckily Jim gives me lots of opportunity. Ray is worse than me on the pitch, Ross Pollock when you owe the team money.”

Finally, as we move into winter are you finally going to start wearing long trousers?

“No chance.”