Adam Walker - 200 Appearances

Adam Walker made his 200th appearance for the Club against Real Maroon in Edinburgh and became only the 14th player to reach this milestone.

Son of the legendary “Knock-em-in Norrie”, Adam was always destined to play for the Club and made his debut in December 2009 against Ormond Saints in one of the 6-5 defeats we suffered at the hands of the Saintees.

At only 18 Adam was one of the younger players at a time when results weren’t great but it didn’t take long for him to show his skills in attack and midfield when we could get the ball to him.

Such has Adam’s success with the team been that he has four trophies over his career with the Player of the Year award coming in only his second season as well as the Top Scorer award.

However, it was Sunday 20th October 2013 that Adam made his way into the history books. It was his 100th appearance and we were playing MacDonald Rovers at Toryglen and we won 13-2 with Adam scoring a record EIGHT goals. Naturally it’s his favourite game, “can't look past my eight goal game, despite who the opposition was. Got to thank David Blair (also playing his 100th game) a lot for that though as he set up most of my goals.”

Another favourite game and opponent was against Clyde and Adam “always loved scoring against them” (who doesn’t!)

Since Adam’s 100th appearance the goals have dried up (now on 68 and in 11th place in the All Time list) as he has been converted into a right back/wing back although he does like to sneak forward, to no great effect.

Two more trophies, the Top Scorer in 2013/14 and the Players Player of the Year in 2015/16, have followed for a popular member of the squad who doesn’t play as much as he would like due to work commitment. But when he does play he always admires Alan Galindo who is easily his favourite player.

Of course, everyone loves an away day and Adam’s favourite is the Whitby trip, “which will always be a highlight since it was my first proper away trip with the team. Despite the fact that there's not many people left in the current squad that were on that trip!”

Still one of the youngsters in the squad Adam has years ahead of him to add to his 200 appearances and maybe even more goals, as long as we play MacDonald Rovers again !