On Saturday against Bully Wee United Alan Galindo will make his 100th appearance for the Club, the 38th player to reach this milestone.

“Gee” made his debut against Calders in May 21011 and made a scoring start to his career in a 6-4 victory.

Gee’s first full season in 2011/12 saw him earn the nickname “Goal A Game Galindo” as he finished Top Scorer with 21 goals and also deservedly won the Player of the Year award.

During that season Gee scored what he describes as his best ever goal, a curling effort from 25 yards against Coasters at Fortress Holyrood.

His scoring run didn’t continue though as new Boss Mr McNaught decided that Gee’s talents were required in central defence for the next season. Again he performed outstandingly and won the Player of the Year award for the second consecutive season, the only player to have done this.

The only thing that could stop a hat trick of awards was injury and a problem with his knee meant that Gee had to miss a lot of games but came along to help out on the sidelines when he could.

Of course being so multi-talented Gee can also play in goals and indeed as a small chubby child he played for QP, obviously in the days when the huge guys were playing basketball.

One of his favourite memories was when he played in goals against Hearts in Edinburgh in May when he had “a ridiculous display in goals” in a 4-1 away win. He also scored against Hearts in the Scottish Cup at Toryglen before going in goals for the penalty shoot-out and saved one to put us through to the next round.

As you will have gathered he is sickeningly talented at football but thankfully he’s not perfect and succumbs to the away day specials like the rest of us. And like the rest of us one of his favourite away days was Tain and, of course, he enjoys all the Oban trips and hopes we have plenty more days out this season.

 This season he has taken on the mantle of Social Convenor, alongside his twin brother Lenny, and he has boundless enthusiasm in this job, just like every position he plays on the park.

On Saturday he will skipper the side to celebrate his well-deserved milestone and I’m sure he will perform to his usual high standard (and moan the face of everybody, told you he wasn’t perfect…….).













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