On Sunday Andy McNaught will make his 100th appearance for the Club when he plays in the Martin Kelly Memorial Game at Lesser Hampden.

Andy Boy, not be confused with his illustrious father Andy Da, made his debut against Ormond Saints in August 2009 as one of the “Class of 2009” who came into the team when we changed personnel for the umpteenth time. Our scouting system was overhauled after this as we’d been promised a “free scoring, fast forward”.

There were six goals in Andy’s first season with his opener being at McDiarmid Park against Ormonds on the first of many away days. As Andy says, “Favourite goal was probably my first, away to Ormond Saints back in 2009. Ended up front with CC that day and what a partnership. It's a shame the manager at the time couldn't see the potential in either of these young stars !”

That season also saw two goals against Dulwich Hamlet on Lesser, a game of three halves, but he became known as an impact player, that impact normally lasting about ten minutes before he ran out of steam.

There were rumours of a knee injury but I have had exclusive access to Andy’s medical records and can confirm that his injuries were all “drink related”.

A lot of time was spent on the sidelines and he was invited to take over as Manager of the team at the start of 2012/13 and happily accepted with his great pal Martin Kelly joining him as Assistant Manager.

This move had an immediate impact as players suddenly started playing in their preferred positions and he oversaw a win over Ormond Saints in his first game which was a day when we celebrated the Club’s 25th birthday.

Moving into Management meant less reason to play but he has made himself available in emergency with one of those occasions being at Montrose. “Favourite game I played in was the 6-2 at Montrose where I played my only decent game in goals!! Great bus trip up in the morning, fantastic team performance and I've never seen a more drunken group of guys at the QP game in the afternoon.”

Other favourite memories for Andy are:- “scoring a hat trick against Orient last year after Chaos, the Friday night feast of football against Volkswagen [a fifteen goal thriller] and most importantly, managing a tremendous group of guys to a cup final this year.”

Andy is now the “top man” at the Club and things are going from strength to strength under his leadership.

Sadly Martin passed away on the morning of the Chaos Cup in London in 2013 and Andy remembers the “taps aff “game the year before, “we drew with Oxford 1-1 in Martin's last CHAOS. He was in tremendous form that day and his refusal to celebrate our only goal of the day, as he wanted a winner, summed up his almost blind optimism!”

On a day when we remember Martin and celebrate another successful season it is fitting that Andy should reach a well-deserved milestone.

Congratulations Boss.