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1st May 2011 v NHS Revolution
23rd April 2011 v Albion Rovers
10th April 2011 v Appin
8th April 2011 v EK Plaza FC
20th March 2011 v Troon
5th March 2011 v Bully Wee United
6th February 2011 v Ormond Saints
7th November 2010 v Partick Thistle
24th October 2010 v Ormond Saints
10th October 2010 v Appin
3rd October 2010 v Registrars
18th September 2010 v Troon
5th September 2010 v Ormond Saints
29th August 2010 The John Drennan Cup
15th August 2010 v Calders
14th August 2010 v Bully Wee United
Scotspurs Sevens 27th June 2010
Chaos Cup 2010
30th May 2010 v England Select
Ian Younger Sixes 2010
25th April 2010 v Calders
11th April 2010 v Kaisayr
4th April 2010 v Whitby Wanderers
14th March 2010 v Ormond Saints
6th March 2010 v Dulwich Hamlet
21st February 10 v Troon
13th December 09 v Ormond Saints
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