On Saturday morning Craig McKenna will make his 100th appearance for the Club, the 35th player to reach the milestone.


Craig made his debut against Next in May 2009 when his furfure father-in-law, Crossers brought him along to Toryglen.


In his first game he played at full back and started the next season at centre back but he yearned to play further forward and to score goals.


After going in the huff he got moved to centre forward and the goals started coming and he is now settled in midfield where he is a delight to play alongside and enjoys plenty of lung bursting runs.


Craig’s tally of 56 goals in his first 99 games puts him at 10th on the all-time list and is a phenomenal strike rate. He has also reached double figures in the last four seasons and has eight already this time around.


Some of his goals have been stand outs and Craig picks three of them as his favourites.


“Although we didn’t play well in the game one of my favourite goals was against Garrowhill at Ibrox when our leader Mr McNaught laid the ball off to my left foot (crap foot) and I hit it into the top corner.


“I also enjoyed scoring a brace against Calders where I chipped the keeper from outside the box twice ! Can’t remember what the result was, probably a draw !”


Not one to travel too far from home Craig did make the trip to Whitby and it was a standout game “as it was an uphill battle from kick off. Since the park was on a horrendous slope.”


In 2009/10 Craig won the Player of the Year award but was on holiday when the presentation came along at the Sixes. However, last year at the Sixes he was in the winning team that won the Plate. “Getting to the final and winning it was amazing. Also the fact we were playing our other team I thought it was a great tribute to oor Martin.”


A very old head on young shoulders Craig is one of the quieter players off the park but, “His one piece of memorable off field antics was 'Party Boying' Marrzo on the way back from 0-8 in Appin a few years ago. He also was involved in the Christmas Tree shenanigans at Tyndrum and may or may not have pissed on his shoes and my trousers outside the Battlefield Rest.”


Thankfully he has reformed since that day and is a family man now with baby Harrison joining wife Dawn and himself in his Toryglen penthouse.


The team always plays better when Craig is in it and hopefully when he skippers the side on Saturday he will play to his usual high standard as he celebrates his well deserved milestone.




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