Our great friends from London and our first ever English opponents

Game 41 28/05/88
Anglo/Scottish Trophy
v Leyton Orient at Beckton
6-4 (1-3)

Martin Harvey, Stephen Fox, Robert Graham, Neil McAllister (c), Joseph McMonagle (Alan Rhodes) (Ronnie Smith), Kevin Devine (d), Stephen Stormonth, Alan Raeburn, Iain Campbell, Alan Dickson and Stephen McGilp

scorers: Devine, McGilp 3 (1p), Stormonth, McAllister
Game 121 21/07/90
Hampden Trophy
v Leyton Orient at Old Lesser Hampden
5-2 (1-1)

Kevin Devine, Stephen Fox, Ian Fitzpatrick, Ronnie Burns, Paul Stormonth, Alan Raeburn (Martin Harvey), John Donaldson (c), David Ferguson, Kenny McLellan, Stephen Stormonth and Mark Fishman

Scorers: Ferguson, McLellan 3, Donaldson
Game 150 25/05/91
v Leyton Orient at Leyton Wingate
7-0 (3-0)

Kevin Devine, Iain Campbell (Michael Higgins), Paul Stormonth, Stephen Fox, Tam Moon, Alan Raeburn, David Nisbet (c), David Ferguson, David Grant, Stephen Stormonth and Stephen McGilp

Scorers: Grant 6, McGilp
Game 186 16/05/92
CHAOS Cup & Anglo/Scottish Trophy
v Leyton Orient at Woodford
9-2 (5-0)

Nick Edwards (d), Tony McGuire, David Ferguson, Scott Cassidy (Michael Higgins), Rab MacDonald (Andy Groom (d)), Stephen McGilp (Iain Campbell), Paul Stormonth, Stephen Stormonth, Tam Moon, Stephen Fox (c) and Alan Raeburn

Scorers: Moon 4, Raeburn, P.Stormonth, Fox, S.Stormonth, OG (Chapman)
Game 222 23/05/93
Anglo/Scottish Trophy
v Leyton Orient at Stepney
3-2 (2-1)

Jerome Luke, Iain Campbell (Justin Noble (d)), John Drennan, Stephen Fox (c), John Scott, Stephen McGilp, Tam Moon, Scott Cassidy, Stephen King, Peter O'Brien and Alan Raeburn

Scorers: O'Brien 2, King
Game 425  30/06/01
Anglo/Scottish Trophy
v Leyton Orient at Cowglen

David Ferguson, Paul Stormonth, David Nisbet, Gordon Swinburne, Stephen McGilp, John Drennan and Iain Campbell

Scorer: Campbell
Game 440 09/02/02
Anglo/Scottish Trophy
v Leyton Orient at Hackney Marshes
2-1 (1-1)

Ross Henshelwood, Iain Campbell, Allan MacKenzie (c), Barry Cook, Raymond McCulloch, Martin McClory (Iain Smith), Raphael O'Keeffe, David Nisbet, John Kirkland, Steve Woodhouse and John Drennan

Scorer: Kirkland 2
Game 463 26/01/03
Anglo/Scottish Trophy
v Leyton Orient at Barlia Sports Centre
9-1 (3-0)

John Crosbie, Alistair Dorward, Gordon Swinburne, David Wilson, David Ferguson (Neil Skinner), Ally Dick, Logan Taylor (Scott Bell), Arthur McCue, David Nisbet (c), John Kirkland and Owen Grain

Scorers: Wilson 2, Kirkland 2, Dick 2, Bell, Grain, Nisbet

Game 593 01/06/08
Anglo/Scottish Trophy & IFA League
v Leyton Orient at Holyrood Sports Centre
11-1 (6-1)

Colin McGowan, Paul Joyce, Mark Anderson, Mark O'Donnell, Gary Lyle, Mark Hume, Barry Cook (c), Arthur McCue, Lee Cairney (Marc Cairney), Raymond McCulloch (Iain Campbell) and John Kirkland

Scorers: L.Cairney 3, Kirkland, Lyle 2, Hume 2, McCue, Cook, Joyce


 Game 858 - 22/05/16
Anglo/Scottish Trophy
v Leyton Orient at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre
6-3 (3-0)

Dougie Lyden; Martin Harvey, Allan Mackenzie, Calum Colquhoun, Neale Waugh; Alan Galindo, Alan Raeburn, Stephen Stormonth; Mark Sloan, Andy McNaught, Ally McNaught (c). Subs (all used) Finn Stormonth, John Drennan, Iain Campbell, Keir Stormonth

Scorers: Ally McNaught 2, Andy McNaught 3, Waugh




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