On Tuesday night against Kaisayr, assuming he doesn’t sleep in, which is always possible even for an evening kick off, Robert Shimmons will be become the 37th player to make 100 appearances for the Club.

“Boab” was one of the “Class of 2009” when he made his debut against Ormond Saints at Toryglen and was typically a substitute.

Two games later and Robert got injured against Calders and missed quite a part of the season although he did make the journey to Whitby where we battled to a 0-0 draw. Unfortunately there have been more injuries over his career which explains why it’s taken so long to reach this milestone.

Like most players, away days make up many of Robert’s favourite memories and he especially enjoyed the carnage on the long way home from Tain and the “Flintstones Minibus” to Montrose which had its own special air conditioning. He also made our anniversary journey to Merthyr in March when he was delighted to hear some proper Welsh accents.

A great pal of the late great Martin Kelly, a goalkeeper by trade, Boab played second best to even Safehands when it came to scoring his first goal for the Club. It took until his 54th appearance before finally the sight of goal flashed before Boab’s eyes and he shut them as he headed the ball home at the back post for the all-important eleventh goal against Westa at Holyrood. There was disappointment though as CC’s record of 59 games from debut without a goal was sadly never reached.

Since that first goal Robert has unsurprisingly failed to trouble the scorers ever since and his best days are spent in defence, particularly in the second half of games. The main reason for this is because Robert’s time keeping is second to everyone and the revelation that he doesn’t own an alarm clock surprised nobody. Of course maybe he just hates taking part in the warm ups, who could blame him.

For a player of very slight build (ie skinny) Robert is a hard tackler and many a time there has been disbelief as he heads for a 50/50 ball with a more physical looking opponent  but invariably our full back comes away with the ball.

From the start of his career Boab has been a sociable guy and, sadly for him, gets into Mister C’s company far too many times on a Sunday after games. This was especially true during the Langside Bar Era “where we essentially commandeered the place for our exclusive use as the QPSFC Social Club.”

Tuesday night will be a memorable night for Robert as he skippers the team for the first time and it will be a well-deserved honour for such a good guy as our Boab.









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