Scott Macrae - 100 Goals

Scott “Sebo” Macrae became only the fifth player to score 100 goals for the Club when he opened the scoring against Dunfermline Athletic at Toryglen.

After debuting at the end of the 2011/12 Scott made a spectacular start to the following season when he scored a hat trick, his first goals for the Club, in a 3-2 win over Ormond Saints on the day we celebrated our 25th anniversary.

It was a great season for Scott as he scored 29 goals which was the most anybody had scored for 20 years. The Top Scorer award was duly won and he added another one in 2014/15 after scoring 26 goals.

As good as the Top Scorer award is it was topped in 2014/15 as Scott also won the Player of the Year trophy and joined the Legends who have played for the Club.

A move to centre half didn’t stop Scott getting on the scoresheet and he’s managed double figures in five consecutive seasons and heading that way this year as he has seven goals so far.

Finally the big 100 moment arrived against the Pars and he celebrated wildly as he joined Jazza, John Kirkland, the Great Kenny McLellan and Scott Cassidy in the exclusive club.

With age on his side and an insatiable appetite for goals Scott has many records to create and only another 56 to go to catch Big Jazza!

Here is what Scott thinks about all things goals:-

“I’d firstly like to thank all my teammates whose misplaced shots have ended up at my feet. Secondly to all the goalkeepers and defenders who have very kindly let me score into them, but most of all I’d like to thank Mr C and Andy McNaught for allowing me to play for this wonderful club.”

“Great memories, such as my hat trick on my first 90 minutes for the club and also scoring in Martin’s Game. However, my favourite 45 minutes was against Garrowhill where everything I touched seemed to go into the net and scored no less than 4 goals. Sadly Crossers and McKenna decided to have a boxing match and we were reduced to 9 men! I was convinced prior to that I was going to smash Adam Walkers’ record, but thankfully for Mr C he didn’t need to make that long gruelling walk from Toryglen Football Centre to Asda for a bottle of bubbly!”

Best Goal: “Against Giffnock B4PI, it was late in the game and I was too tired to run, so I just hit it about the edge of centre circle as I noticed the goal keeper off his line and thankfully it went top corner.”

Most Important Goal: “Hopefully my 100th goal turns out to be one of the most important, we have a real chance this season and every point is precious!”

“Everyone who was at Toryglen for my 100th goal could see what it meant to me. I love scoring goals for this team and despite my pitch time being limited of late, I still aim to give legends such as Jazza and the Crosshill Goal Machine a run for their money by the time I hang up my boots!”

Road to 100

Debut v Scotstoun Park Galaxy 22/04/12

1, 2 & 3 (Hat Trick)

12/08/12 v Ormond Saints

4 (penalty)

19/08/12 v Scotstoun Park Galaxy

5, 6, 7 (Hat Trick)

02/09/12 v Garrowhill Over 35’s


16/09/12 v Troon


07/10/12 v Garrowhill Over 35’s

10, 11

28/10/12 v Calders

12, 13

17/11/12 v Montrose


24/11/12 v Worthing


20/01/13 v Garrowhill Over 35’s


03/02/13 v Croftfoot West


10/02/13 v Scotspurs


03/03/13 v Scottish Power


24/03/13 v Partick Thistle

20, 21, 22 (Hat Trick)

30/03/13 v WESTA


06/04/13 v EK Milan


21/04/13 v Scottish Power


05/05/13 v Scotspurs


16/05/13 v Southside All Stars


23/05/13 v Calders

28, 29

16/06/13 v Posh Youth


29/09/13 v Calders


20/10/13 v MacDonald Rovers

32 (Goal of the Season)

25/10/13 v Giffnock B4PI

33, 34

19/01/14 v Garrowhill Over 35’s


16/02/14 v Fir Park Corner

36, 37

02/03/14 v EK Milan


23/03/14 v Ormond Saints


30/03/14 v Scottish Power

40, 41, 42 (Hat Trick)

08/06/14 v Posh Youth


10/08/14 v Troon


17/08/14 Martin Kelly Memorial Game


24/08/14 v United Glasgow

46, 47

07/09/14 v MacDonald Rovers


14/09/14 v QP FFIT Club

49. 50

21/09/14 v KaisAyr

51, 52

05/10/14 v Scottish Power


18/10/14 v Real Maroon


25/10/14 v Mearns Churches

55, 56, 57, 58 (Hat Trick)

16/11/14 v Garrowhill Over 35’s

59, 60, 61 (Hat Trick)

30/11/14 v Ormond Saints


07/12/14 v Fir Park Corner


10/01/15 v Livingston GS


07/03/15 v Hamilton Accies SFC


22/04/15 v Hamilton Accies SFC

66, 67

07/05/17 v MacDonald Rovers


09/05/15 v Troon


26/07/15 v McVities

70, 71

15/08/15 v Bully Wee United


29/08/15 v Fir Park Corner


13/09/15 v Giffnock Old Crocks


19/09/15 v Internazioswally

75, 76, 77, 78 (Hat Trick)

15/11/15 v MacDonald Rovers

79, 80

29/11/15 v Giffnock Old Crocks


03/04/16 v Coasters


03/07/16 v Scottish Writers

83, 84

26/11/16 v Olympique Lion

85, 86, 87 (Hat Trick)

15/01/17 v Florida Sharks


04/02/17 v Troon


11/02/17 v KaisAyr

90, 91, 92 (Hat Trick)

25/02/17 v Alloa Athletic


26/03/17 v Giffnock Old Crocks

94, 95

30/07/17 v Hamilton Accies SFC


26/08/17 v Glasgow Free Churches

97, 98

16/09/17 v Internazioswally


14/10/17 v Real Maroon


18/11/17 v Dunfermline Athletic