The Queen’s Park Supporters team officially began on 9th August 1987 when we played a friendly game against Hearts at QP Recs.

However the team’s roots were started back in 1982 when the Meadowbank Trophy was first played between Queen’s and Meadowbank Thistle supporters. This biannual contest, one Sunday in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh, was generally played between an “A Team” a “B Team” and a “Youth Team”.  Both teams enjoyed success and the majority of our 1987 players made an appearance in these contests.

Meadowbank Thistle’s two teams, Team’85 and the B Team, came up with the idea of starting a Scottish Supporters League in 1985 but we weren’t organised/sober enough to enter a team. Once we got our act together and worked out who was interested in playing Iain Campbell (Mister C) and Michael Higgins (Higgy) took over the reins and the adventure began.

In June 1987 we held our first tournament, the Hampden Trophy, and this was a four team competition to help get ourselves organised for the season ahead.

Meadowbank Team’85, Partick Thistle (St.George’s Cross branch) and Hearts were invited and the football took place on Old Lesser Hampden (aka the car park pitch) with Pool, Darts, Carpet Bowls and Dominoes in the main stand Social Club.

The day and night was a great success with Partick beating Team’85 3-2 in the football final and Scott Brown (Team’85) winning the Pool; John Smith (Hearts) the Darts and Dominoes and Raymie Martin (QP) the Carpet Bowls. In a pulsating darts play off Team’85 won the Team Games competition when Derek Menzies (of St.Johnstone), partnering Colin McPherson, finished on treble 18 double 4 to beat QP’s youngsters Iain Campbell and John Drennan.

Our team lost 6-1 to Meadowbank Team’85 in the football semi-final (Davie Wilson scoring) then we defeated Hearts 2-1 in the third and fourth place play off with Alan “Dixie” Dickson and Stephen Nugent getting the goals. “Knock Em In” Norrie Walker (father of Adam) scored an own goal for Hearts, on his 1st wedding anniversary as well the old romantic !

To make sure we were ready for the new season a meeting was convened at Mr C’s parents’ house in Prospecthill Circus and Higgy was elected Manager with Davie Nisbet Assistant Manager and Mr C becoming Secretary/Treasurer.

Queen’s Park Recs was chosen as our home ground and we asked Hearts to again come through to Glasgow to play a friendly on Sunday 9th August 1987.

Our historic game ended in a goalless draw with neither team looking like scoring on a lovely sunny day. Hearts only had nine men so Derek Stronach “volunteered” to play for them and our team that day was:- Neil McAllister, Martin Harvey, Alan Raeburn, Alan Dickson, Ronnie Burns (c), Barry Haniford, David Nisbet, Hector Cook, Ronnie Smith, Iain Campbell and Gordon Hunter. Neil and Ronnie Smith were in goals for a half each.

Two more friendlies were arranged, against the Bower Bar and St.Johnstone, and we won them both, 2-1 and 6-0 respectively, with Gordon Hunter having the honour of scoring our first ever goal, against the Bower.

The first League game was at home against our old friends Team’85 at the Recs and we had a tremendous start as Davie Nisbet hit the bar in the opening seconds.

Kenny McLellan then opened the scoring with a back header from a Ronnie Burns free kick before Hector Cook hit the bar with a header then had a shot touched over the bar by Davie White in the visitors’ goal. Ronnie then had another shot turned round the post as we dominated the early stages.

It wasn’t to last though as Jimmy McKellar equalised before half time then Simon Wallace and Neil Moxey gave Team’85 the points as we ran out of steam in the second half and lost 3-1.

A disappointing start but we were off and running and the adventure had begun………………..much more to follow


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